Meet your patients where they play.

Clinical Companions is a revolutionary patient data trial platform designed to increase compliance and retention in pediatric clinical research while at the same time creating more empathetic, human experiences for pediatric patients.


Our interactive companions provide the most attractive, loving, and desirable value proposition for potential participants.


Our gamified app drives continued engagement as children unlock new content with each site visit, transforming the trial experience into a narrative journey.


Interactive therapeutic medical play helps children prepare for scary procedures and families talk about the trial at home.


Clinical Companions provides an unparalleled connection between your trial and your participants, providing a new level of data to inform better outcomes.

Unlike any other clinical trial interface you (or your patients) have ever seen. Schedule a demo to tour our play site kit.

The Big Idea

Collect deeper patient data, gather better insights, and inspire the next generation of trial participants to build a positive relationship with their healthcare.

Getting started

1. Apply to be a partner
2. Design custom kit
3. Deploy site kits
4. Engage data capture
5. Assess & Evolve

How To Get Started

Join our beta program.

We are building a human-centric platform designed to help children and their caregivers feel more connected to their clinical trial experience from start to finish.

Our programs have been shown to reduce distress in an inpatient setting¹, help children calm down², and take the stress out of disease-related communication between parent and child in the home. Now, we are leveraging this expertise to improve pediatric clinical trials.

We are launching an exclusive founding beta program to tailor our product features to your specific needs. Schedule a demo to learn more.